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Dallas is well known for its beautiful skyline, its impressive buildings and its rich heritage. What we consider most impressive, though, is the spirit of its people, and our collective power to make change. Big change.

Together since 2012, private hoteliers in Dallas have been able to work with the public in a unique partnership with a shared goal: Enhance tourism. Dallas was the first major city in Texas to establish a Tourism Public Improvement District, which by law allowed us to utilize travelers’ dollars in a strategic way to not only grow the number of visitors to our city, but also to enrich the lives of the people who live and work in Dallas. Other cities, seeing our success, have followed suit. As usual, Dallas leads the way, and in a big way, with the most wins by any Texas Tourism Public Improvement District to date.

Since the Dallas Tourism Public Improvement District’s (DTPID) inception in 2012, together we have realized a multi-billion-dollar economic impact. From increased numbers of visitors to our city, to winning more bids for high-profile events, to putting dollars back into the pockets of everyday citizens whose tax bills are lower because of the DTPID, we see big impact. One of our favorite aspects of operating the DTPID is awarding significant dollars to arts and cultural organizations to support the rich heritage we get to experience on a daily basis. We live here, too, and we reap the rewards of life in a city that knows where it has come from as it celebrates a bright and
diverse future.

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