Hotel Testimonials

"We love having the opportunity to show our clients how much our hotel and the City of Dallas values their business via the use of TPID funds. The strength of the offers we are able to leverage against increasingly challenging competition makes a real difference we can show to our ownership."
Deb Skiles, Director of Sales & MarketingThe Westin Galleria Dallas
"The Hotel Marketing Incentive Program not only allows us to offer clients effective cost savings for their programs, it also shows the support and partnership between the City of Dallas and our hotel. It lets clients know that we are all committed to the success of their events and that says a lot about how we do things in Dallas!"
Erlin Evangelista Moya, Director of Sales & MarketingHilton Dallas Lincoln Centre
"The TPID program has truly added a great sales tool to The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas Team when competing for business with other cities. Being able to extend a 10% rebate to our valued clients gives us a competitive advantage over competing destinations, and has led to the success of many new programs. The approval process and post-event handling is user friendly and efficient for all parties involved. A great program!"
Patricia Roll, Senior Sales ManagerThe Ritz-Carlton, Dallas
"DTPID funds have helped give us the competitive edge from a concessions standpoint when we are up against other cities in our backyard such as Fort Worth, also boasting an established TPID program. Similarly, the smallest of added incentives helps further shift the tide in selling against highly sought after destinations across the globe. Without these funds, we would not be able to fulfill our group room night objectives as successfully."
Rob DeCanter, Director of Group SalesFairmont Dallas
"The TPID program is a great program to assist with winning business from other cities. The program helps give us that edge, whether it be for transportation or a welcome break or even a reception. It helps us give the ‘WOW’ assistance."
Monte Greene, Dual Director of SalesAloft & Element Dallas Love Field
"The Dallas Tourism Public Improvement District (DTPID) program allows the Westin Dallas Park Central to secure groups that were not possible without the aid of the program. By utilizing the program, the hotel could offer additional amenities and concessions to win the business for Dallas. In the 2 years that the hotel utilized the program to the fullest, the group revenues increased by 22.4%. Today, the program is even more vital as cities across the country to gain any business for the hotels as the occupancies remain at record lows. We are grateful for the program and the team that assists us to win the business for Dallas."
Lou Ann Jordan, Director of Sales & MarketingThe Westin Dallas Park Central
"From Reccptions to Rental; Parking to Production, the DTPID program gives Dallas a competitive edge over other cities. By utilizing DTPID funds we are able to create personalized memorable experiences for each group to ensure they return to our city again!"
Kimberly Carbone, Destination Sales ExecutiveDallas Marriott Downtown