Local Impact

Global Tourism to Local Transformation

Through the Dallas Tourism Public Improvement District (DTPID), hotels in Dallas have leveraged the opportunity to fund public improvement through the specific lens of tourism in the city’s first special purpose public improvement district. The result is a multi-billion-dollar impact  that illustrates the power Dallas has to come together in a big way.

Inviting the World. Investing in Dallas

When Dallas wins, we win together. A strong sales and incentives program, funded by the DTPID keeps Dallas on the short list of locales to hold city-wide events. One quarter of the total budget for the DTPID is devoted to city-wide group incentives to be used when Dallas is competing with other destinations to win the bookings of major events that have city-wide impact on hotels, restaurants, arts and entertainment, and more.

Elevating Ideas. Enriching Lives.

More than $1 million each year of the DTPID’s funds are awarded each year to support local arts and events happening in Dallas. Organizations, including local arts and cultural groups, have the opportunity to apply for up to $25,000 annually for funding incentives to help enrich Dallas through their events that will generate at least 30 overnight visits to Dallas. Since the inception of the DTPID, more than $6.3 million has been contributed to 534 arts and culture initiatives.

“A robust tourism industry helps our great city thrive and is a critical component of the Dallas economy. The first thing that visitors to Dallas experience is our hospitality, making the industry vital to establishing and maintaining our reputation around the world.”

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson

Dallas TPID Hotel Partners

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