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Using TPID’s Hotel Incentive Fund Can Help Bring Business to Your Property

DTPID funds have helped give us the competitive edge from a concessions standpoint when we are up against other cities in our backyard such as Fort Worth, also boasting an established TPID program. Similarly, the smallest of added incentives helps further shift the tide in selling against highly sought after destinations across the globe. Without these funds, we would not be able to fulfill our group room night objectives as successfully.
Rob DeCanterFairmont Dallas
The TPID program is a great program to assist with winning business from other cities. The program helps give us that edge, whether it be for transportation or a welcome break or even a reception. It helps us give the ‘WOW’ assistance.
Monte GreeneAloft and Element, Dallas Love Field
From Receptions to Rental; Parking to Production, the TPID program give Dallas a competitive edge over other cities. By utilizing TPID funds we are able to create personalized memorable experiences for each group to ensure they return to our city.
Kimberly CarboneDallas Marriott Downtown

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