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Since the inception of the Dallas Tourism Public Improvement District (DTPID) in 2012, the number of city-wide events Dallas is winning has increased dramatically. Funds from the DTPID are committed to providing incentives to offset costs for these events to encourage them to book in Dallas, and through 2029, more than $1.2 million is earmarked for events on their way. With much of the story still to be written, the narrative of Dallas as a tourism main player is already captivating audiences from around the world – and receiving cheers from the Dallas hotel community.

Using TPID’s Hotel Incentive Fund Can Help Bring Business to Your Property

The DTPID dedicates a portion of its funds to assist district hotels in securing individual meetings and events for their properties. This successful initiative – titled the Hotel Incentive Fund (HIF) – has helped bring business to many DTPID properties. As the city-wide group meeting business remains in flux, the DTPID Board recently adjusted HIF procedures to help individual properties secure business to their hotel. 

Let us know how we can help.

Whether you have questions surrounding an upcoming event’s eligibility or just need more information on our programs, the Dallas TPID staff is experienced in helping hotel partners gain a competitive advantage when bidding against other cities.